Car Maintenance Schedule

The aim of this applications is to help you to keep records for all your Car Maintenance, So you can figure out at any time

1- How far Distance has been?
2- When last Maintenance has done ?

ِAnd that for periodic Maintenance required for any car.
a- Motor oil replacement
b- Car Belts replacement
c- Brake Linings replacement
d- Filters replacement
e- suspension system tied
f- Spark plugs replacement
g- Transmission Oil replacement
h- Air Conditioner review and clean
Easy,Simple and Helpful.
* Application Supports English,Chinese ,Spanish ,Hindi, Arabic, Russian , Japanese and French

you Can get Car Maintenance Schedule apps free from google play store, click here.

Co2 fire suppression system calculation

The essayist and fast way to get CO2 Calculation is use E.M Asset (Electro Mechanical assistant) which Can help you to get

  1. Total CO2 Quantity.
  2. Number of CO2 Cylinder Required.
  3. Number of Nozzles.

all you need to Know is  volume of hazard and then choose CO2 Flooding Factor from drop menu and click Calculation button.

E.M Asset (Trial version)
E.M Asset (Electro Mechanical assistant)